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Working Paper Number 01-2018
Equalisation among the states in Germany: The Junction between Solidarity and Subsidiarity
Jan Werner


Working Paper Number 02-2017
The Neglect Effect in Security Beta Estimates - An observation of the US stock market from 1933 until 2016
Fabian Scheler, Frank Ecker and Jan Werner

Working Paper Number 01-2017
The "Pacto Fiscal" in Bolivia - A sound intergovernmental forum or just another toothless paper tiger?
Jan Werner


Working Paper Number 01-2016
Options to support urban infrastructure delivery in Pakistan – a survey for the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Jan Werner


Working Paper Number 03-2015
Ghana’s Petroleum Revenue Management - on the Way to Transparency, Sustainability and Development Orientation
Puja Noshadi and Jan Werner

Working Paper Number 02-2015
Economic effects of the automotive industry in Turkey
Sinan Erbektas and Jan Werner

Working Paper Number 01-2015
Options to support Urban Infrastructure Delivery in South Africa
Jan Werner


Working Paper Number 02-2014
The Middle income trap: old wives' tale or real danger? Some results from Malaysia, Mexico and Venezuela
Kevin van Eeden and Jan Werner

Working Paper Number 01-2014
Revenue Mobility in a Developing Country: An International Perspective for the Philippines
Jan Werner


Working Paper Number 02-2013
Germany: A sound fiscal federalism with minor political mildew
Jan Werner

Working Paper Number 01-2013
Revenue Mobility in a Transitional Economy: “Casino Royale” in Montenegro and the negative effects towards the local units
Jan Werner


Working Paper Number 03-2012
Revenues from National Resource Taxation – both a blessing and a curse
Jan Werner

Working Paper Number 02-2012
Fiskalna egalizacija i transparentnost: prednost ili teret za Crnu Goru?
Jan Werner

Working Paper Number 01-2012
International perspective for a sound intergovernmental finance system in the Philippines
Jan Werner


Working Paper Number 01-2011
Alter Wein in neuen Schläuchen? Blick über den Tellerrand: Die Gemeindefinanzreform in Frankreich
Jan Werner


Working Paper Number 01-2010
Vom Kopf auf die Füße stellen - Die Gemeindefinanzkommission sollte die Grundbesteuerung anpacken
Jan Werner


Working Paper Number 03-2009
Public Administration in the Education Sector: Boon or Bane for Western Europe?
Jan Werner

Working Paper Number 02-2009
Fiscal Solidarity: Key Benefits and Pitfalls for Spain to Lower their Fiscal Conflicts
Jan Werner

Working Paper Number 01-2009
El sistema d'anivellament fiscal alemany: ningú no és profeta a casa seva
Jan Werner


Working Paper Number 04-2008
Fiskaldezentralisierung - Optionen und Handlungsfelder für die künftige deutsche Entwicklungspolitik und insbesondere die Arbeit der GTZ
Jan Werner

Working Paper Number 03-2008
Impuestos y Protección Medioambiental: Un Análisis de las Preferencias Individuales a nivel Europeo
María A.García-Valiñas and Benno Torgler

Working Paper Number 02-2008
Fiscal Equalisation among the states in Germany
Jan Werner

Working Paper Number 01-2008
Charging local government services in Hungary
Gábor Péteri


Working Paper Number 06-2007
The Impact of Direct Democracy and Local Autonomy on Tax Morale in Switzerland
Benno Torgler

Working Paper Number 05-2007
Trust in International Organizations: An Empirical Investigation Focusing on the United Nations
Benno Torgler

Working Paper Number 04-2007
Shadow Economy, Tax Morale, Governance and Institutional Quality: A Panel Analysis
Benno Torgler and Friedrich Schneider

Working Paper Number 03-2007
The Evolution of Tax Morale in Modern Spain
Jorge Martinez-Vazquez and Benno Torgler

Working Paper Number 02-2007
Political Accountability, Fiscal Conditions, and Local Government Performance – Cross-Sectional Evidence from Indonesia
Sebastian Eckardt

Working Paper Number 01-2007
Municipal Infrastructure Delivery in Ethiopia: A bottomless pit or an option to reach the Millennium Development Goals?
Jan Werner and David Nguyen-Thanh


Working Paper Number 02-2006
Financing of Education: Some Experiences from ten European Countries.
Jan Werner and Anwar Shah

Working Paper Number 01-2006
Fiscal Federalism in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Ten Years after the Dayton Treatment and Still not in a Steady Condition
Jan Werner, Laurent Guihéry and Ognjen Djukic


Working Paper Number 03-2005
Tax Morale and Fiscal Autonomy: Evidence from Germany
Benno Torgler and Jan Werner

Working Paper Number 02-2005
Equalisation and Local Taxation in Denmark, Norway and Sweden
Jan Werner and Anwar Shah

Working Paper Number 01-2005
Les finances publiques en Allemagne – Quelles réformes?
Laurent Guihéry and Jan Werner

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